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Return And Exchange Policy
To bring convenience and the best experience for customers, Artex has appropriate policies when customers need to return products. We always want to bring our customers the best products and service quality.

The return and exchange of products come with some specific conditions, please refer to the details below:
  1. Conditions for exchanging/returning products:
    1. -  Products do not match in color, design, size according to order.
    2. -  A technical error by the manufacturer.
    3. -  The exchanged products must be new, intact, not torn or cracked, showing no signs of washing or being used.
    4. -  Products must still have stamps, labels, and purchase invoices.
    5. -  Products exchanged for a while still allow the exchange.
    6. -  Applicable to products purchased online (website, Facebook) and directly in the showroom, we do not support orders purchased at other locations.
    7. -  Not applicable to products in other promotions and liquidated products.
    8. -  Customers can only return the product provided that there is no other product of the same type (color, design, size) instead.
  2. Product exchange/return term
    1. -  Product exchange term: 10 days for customers who buy online and 7 days for customers who buy directly at the store from the day they receive goods
    2. -  Product return time: 07 days for customers who buy online and 3 days for customers who buy directly at the store from the day customers receive goods
    3. -  If the time specified above is exceeded, we will not accept/return the product for any reason.
  3. Deadline for returning products to customers
    1. -  For customers who buy online: Immediately after receiving the exchange/return product from the customer, we will conduct a product review and notify the result and solution of exchange / return to the customer within 3 to 5 days
    2. -  For customers who buy directly at the store: When customers bring the product to be exchanged/returned directly at the store, the store staff will check and notify customers right at the store. Staff at the store will advise customers specifically to choose the best option.
  4. Mode of exchanging/returning products
    1. -  Products can only be exchanged/returned only once
    2. -  Please visit the store directly on the purchase invoice (for customers in Da Nang)
    3. -  For customers in other areas, please send an inquiry to, after receiving a confirmation email from Artex, you pack the product with all accessories and goods Application form: 49-51 Thai Phien, Da Nang, Hotline 0935495143.
  5. Forms of refund
    1. 1. In the case of exchanging products
    2. If the customer needs to exchange another product with a higher price than the exchanged product, the customer must make an additional payment and if not lower, the difference will not be refunded.
    3. • In case customers buy online:
    4. -  Artex will bear 100% of the shipping cost for the customer if the exchanged product meets the conditions stated in Section 1 (conditions for exchanging/returning the product)
    5. -  In case the product is not defective but the customer still requests to change, the customer will be charged a 10% fee on the total bill of payment + 2nd shipping fee (according to the consultant).
    6. -  In case the customer paid online for the first product, the difference will be paid for the exchanged product (if any) by bank transfer.
    7. -  New delivery time is within 7 days from the day Artex receives the product to be exchanged
    8. • Where customers buy directly at the store.
    9. -  Products are not defective but customers still request to change, customers will be charged 10% on the total bill.
    10. -  The customer who has paid for the first product will pay the extra difference for the exchanged product (if any) in cash.
    11. 2. For cases of product return
    12. -  100% refund if ARTEX has no other replacement and the product must meet the conditions specified in Section 1.
    13. -  Artex will bear all shipping charges for product returns.
    14. -  In case the customer has paid the money online, it will be refunded within 30 days at the latest from the date of receiving Artex products.
    15. -  Note: Customers should take a photo of the product before exchanging/returning goods, the storage of the product will help customers as evidence if problems are arising in the exchange process.